Hey Babes! Checkout These Amazing Ankara Headwraps That Would Make You Rock

The headwraps have a way of capturing your attention and well I wouldn’t say that’s what they are supposed to be for though but the essence of a headwrap at least in the African Culture is to “Beautify”.



This tells you that you can’t limit the wrap to a day when you have a bad hair day alone, it is something tha. t can add spice to your overall look.



In fact there is a richness that the wrap adds so much so that it is obvious in a sense; think when you have on a beautifully wrapped head scarf you get more attention than you normally would it’s because you’ve found a way to represent and make yourself look cool and others feel comfortable.



Yes, there’s a warmth that emits when you have on a headwrap and so aside from getting the ultimate attention because you look book and ready to take on the world, the people around you also feel their spirit lifted up.



To further show you the beauty of the scarf, here’s a collection of some of the chillest styles we’ve seen so far this week.



Headgear, headwear or headdress is the name given to any element of clothing which is worn on one’s head.



Headgears serve a variety of purposes: For protection (against impact, cold, heat, rain and other precipitation, glare, sunburn, sunstroke, dust, contaminants, etc.) to keep hair contained or tidy decoration or fashion religious purposes medical purposes modesty; social convention distinction; a badge of office sport uniform.

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Source: Madivasmag.com

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