Harrysong’s manager, Victoria Nkong goes hard on talent managers in the Entertainment Industry (Videos)

Harrysong’s manager, Victoria Nkong is starting a revolution in the Talent Management industry with her YouTube series called Showbiz101.


In series of new videos, Victoria goes hard on talent managers in the Entertainment industry and talks about the type of brand & characteristics that a Talent Manager should have as she explains the importance of branding for both artists & their managers with the current changes that the world is facing.


In one of her videos, Victoria Nkong she took several jabs at so-called Talent Managers who are spoiling business for the serious-minded ones in the industry.

Sighting Jude Okoye, Efe Omorogbe and the likes as perfect examples, she elaborates on the roles of the talent manager and advises friends of artistes to know the difference between being an Errand Boy and a Talent Manager. Buying weed and arranging girls for your artiste isn’t the job of a talent manager but today, all these young chaps think as a manager, your job includes buying weed to ensure that your artiste is constantly high and arranging girls to ensure that the hotel room for the night of the performance doesn’t waste.

Her videos are also a useful tutorial for young talents getting into the entertainment industry who are trying to get the right team to work with, it gives pointers to the qualities that you should look for in a manager Also for people who want to be Talent Managers or are currently managing Talents, a few tips to the things that you should not do.


Find some of the educative videos below….

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