The Purge Vs The Purification: Vector & M.I fight dirty in new cypher – Who wins? (Video)

Ace Nigerian rapper Vector dropped a diss track, “The Purge” featuring Payper & Vader for MI, Blackbonez, AQ and the internet was set on fire.

In “The Purge”, Vector teamed up with Payper and Vader to reply to M.I’s cypher which himself and his guys dropped last week.

There has been so many reactions on Twitter as regards the record with folks taking sides on who is a better rapper between MI and Vector judging by their diss tracks.

Vector’s cypher ‘The Purge’ features Payper and Vader, while MI’s diss track ‘The Purification’ features Blackbonez, Loose Kaynon and AQ.
Take a listen to both of them below and be the judge, Who is the winner?

Watch the Purge – Vector, Payper and Vader response:

Watch the cypher that started it all:

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