Small Doctor In Song Theft Mess; Accused Of Stealing From A DJ

While the origins of some songs can be hard to pin down, numerous musicians have been accused of plagiarism by other singers or songwriters. Popular Nigerian singer, Small Doctor, has been accused of song theft by Africa’s first mask disc Jockey/artiste, DJ Computer Love.

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Nearly every song is inspired by something before it, but a little too much inspiration can end you up in court. Accusations of plagiarism and copyright infringement lawsuits are nothing new in music, with some major artistes fighting a legal battle while others settle out of court.

The DJ posted a collage of the two videos and captioned it thus: “I released ‘2Fighting’ about 4 weeks ago and being my first ever official song, it’s quite heartwarming that a bigger artist like #Smalldoctor @iam_smalldoctor finds a gem in it for his new song, #Believe; but where is my credit though Anyway, one love.”

DJ Computer Love had released his official debut single and video, titled “2 Fighting“ on July 5, 2019. The sing-along street banger featuring Xtee and Deji Train was produced by Scientific Beats and the highly engaging visuals were directed by Director V9. The computer monitor mask head DJ got massive accolades earlier in the year when he transformed Davido and DJ Whookid’s viral freestyle into a superb professional remix.

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Small Doctor, on the other hand, is in a class of street musicians, who are either deemed too ‘local’ to receive coverage, or too ‘street’ to have fans who come online. And although there is some bias in that, we are not wrong. Small Doctor caters to an exclusive market that is hard to track.

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His music comes from a genre that is both simplistic and raw. He speaks from his heart, and sings about topics that are far removed from mainstream Nigerian music.  Small Doctor is still a member of the core street movement. His most reliable fans are low-income earners, who hang around street corners, visit local dingy stores, and drinking the cheapest of alcohol. These are the people he speaks to, and they respond back with adoration.

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