SHOCK AS Popular Actress Strangles Daughter, Then Commits Suicide [Photo]

In a shocking wave of news, it has been reported that a popular actress has strangled her daughter to death, and then committed suicide.

According to reports from the Thane Police. the 40-year-old Indian actress Pradnya Parkar, allegedly strangled her teenage daughter and immediately after, committed suicide at their Kalwa residence in Gauri Suman Society on Friday, August 9, 2019.

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Pradnya Parkar allegedly left behind a suicide note in which she admitted to the murder-suicide. According to this letter, she ended things because she was under outrageous pressure.

Her daughter Shruti, 17, was an HSC student at a Thane college.

Initial reports by the police have suggested that Parkar, who worked in several ‘Marathi’ serials and an unreleased Marathi movie, was not getting much work these days and her husband too was facing serious issues in his business. The neighbours said she had been home without work for a very long time.

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A senior police inspector of Kalwa police station, Shekhar Bagde revealed that shortly before her demise, the deceased had also come to know that her husband was having an extramarital affair. He added”

“We think a financial crisis led to the murder-suicide, but a probe is under way. She said no one else should be blamed for this.”

The unfortunate episode occurred between 8 and 9 in the morning when her husband had gone to the gym. On his return, he found the door of the flat bolted from inside. With assistance from neighbors, he broke down the door and found his wife hanging from the ceiling fan and his daughter suffocated to death in the bedroom.

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