‘European Airlines Want To Use Me For Sacrifice’ – Davido Cries Out As His Flight Experiences Turbulence (Video)

Even a smooth flight can make some people feel anxious. Add turbulence to the mix, and flying can be downright terrifying.

Nigerian pop star, Davido has shown that just like many, he is scared of experiencing turbulence during a flight. In a video posted on Instagram, Davido can be seen with his eyes tightly shut as his plane experienced a little turbulence.

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He posted the video on his Instagram page and captioned it:

“Daddy please send the JET!! These European Airlines want to use me for sacrifice!!!”

Check out the video below:

On a more serious note, perhaps Nigerians would stop being bothered about turbulence when they realize it is actually a completely normal — and safe — part of flying. Turbulence is simply air moving from one place to another, and the movement creates waves, just like the waves a body of water creates when it moves.


We are glad the Nigerian star is safe. Have you ever experienced this before? Please share your thoughts on this with us in the comment section.

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