Singer And Actress, Toni Tones Fights Injustice Against Transgenders

Nollywood actress, Toni Tones has taken to social media to defend the rights of transgenders, seeking for them to be treated as equals in the society.

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The singer and actress revealed this while responding to a Twitter user who questioned why transgender people are equating their fight with those fighting against racism. Toni Tones, in her response, asked if they were not human beings deserving of the same privileges as everybody else.

Going further to make her point, she said: “They are human beings! So they shouldn’t have to fight for the same privileges that you and I enjoy because they’ve decided to identify as whatever gender. Literally that simple.”

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Toni Tones is one of the few brave celebrities who appear to have no problems taking sides in what has been described as immoral and a criminal offense according to the Nigerian constitution.

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Regardless of Nigeria’s reluctance towards legalizing transgender and same-gender relationships, it appears Nigerian cross-dresser, Bobrisky, has no problem flourishing in what could be described as a homophobic society.

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This however, has not stopped people from calling for his arrest. In a recent post shared on his Facebook page, film maker, Fidelis Duker demanded that the famous cross-dresser be arrested as he was becoming ‘more irritating’. While Fidelis has his reasons for viewing Bob as ‘irritating’, some Nigerians have opposing views.

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