Nigerians locate and ‘murder’ the American DJ that said Wizkid is not popular

Disgruntled Nigerian music fans have finally placed their hands on the American DJ that opined that Wizkid is not popular in the U.S. Yes! He was ‘murdered’, not with weapon but with WORDS.

The disk jockey who goes by the name Ciphasounds on Instagram was traced to his page by angry Nigerians who were offended with the words the DJ used on African music maestro, Wizkid.

The DJ in a round table session with fellow American industry heads has gone to unapologetically say that ‘nobody knows Wizkid.’

‘They are trying to make Wizkid be like the Sean Paul of Afrobeats but he is not even close to a Sean Paul. Even if we didn’t like Reggae music we knew Sean Paul, that’s what Wizkid was supposed to be but there is no STAR of Afrobeats,’ the DJ who was the seated first from the left opined and continued.

‘We know Wizkid because we are music heads, we are into music, and we are talking like music heads. Lets go walk down the street and ask anybody who Wizkid is. There is no face for Afrobeats,’ he concluded.

The comments from that particular DJ didnt seat well with Nigerians who after a thorough FBI search, located his page and flooded it with attacking words.

What surprised many was how Nigerians just followed his page, paid less attention on the pictures and rained abusive words on the comment section. A particular picture got only 61 likes and over 700 comments and this coming from an account that has 159k followers.

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While Nigerians keep bombarding his page with harsh words on every picture, the DJ has not yet reacted as we believe he is enjoying the traffic on his page which is also publicity for the self acclaimed comedian cum DJ.

But what’s your view on what the DJ said, Does Afrobeats have a face and do you think Wizkid is popular in the United States? Feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

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