Meet The Alleged Lagos Billionaire Who Was Picked By Helicopter At Lagos-Benin Expressway

Yesterday, Monday 24, 2019, the internet was abuzz with the news of a certain unidentified man who defied the odds. In what would seem to have never happened in Nigeria before, the Lagos billionaire was picked by a helicopter at Lagos-Benin Expressway after being stuck in traffic for 2 hours.
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The alleged billionaire has now been allegedly identified as Julian Osula. Nigerians have gone on to crown him as Nigeria’s King of Luxury. He was born in Nkalagu in Enugu state in 1966. He, however, hails from Benin City and is a Prince of the Osula Royal family. He had his basic education in Benin, before moving to the UK for his secondary education.
The young Julian returned to Benin in 1984 where he bagged an LLB in Law from the University of Benin and like other law graduates, went on the Nigeria Law School and finished in 1989. He started off his career the same year and worked the defunct First City Merchant Bank and the Alpha Merchant Bank.

However, in 1991, he became an entrepreneur, starting his own company called Manla Enterprises. Manla Enterprises was into printing and supplies of gift items. He serviced clients such as Elf Petroleum, Texaco, INEC, Access Bank and the Nigerian Presidency to mention but a few.

In 2004, he got a contract to supply warships spare parts to the Nigerian Navy. Julian’s foray into entrepreneurship didn’t end there. He has always being a lover of luxury and this translated to the two other companies he created in 2011 and 2013 respectively. Stiple Gate, the first was born in 2011 and dealt with sales of solely luxury watches. 2013 brought about Julian’s Luxury, which explored more into luxury goods from exclusive timepieces and jewellery to accessories and writing instruments.

Both companies have over time symbolized elegance, quality, and reliability and have gone on to service the luxurious needs of Nigerians with high taste. His work as a man of high taste has made luxury brands such as Richard Mille and Chopard amongst others pick him as their Nigerian agent, serving to their Nigerian clientele.

From photos gotten from his Instagram page, he seems to be happily married with children. As a luxury provider, he seems to have a love for the finer things of life and one of his current additions to his ‘toys’ is a Brabus G800 2019.

Sometimes, being rich and famous may turn into more of a curse than a blessing, so maybe it’s time for Nigerians to appreciate being rich and not famous. A second reason is that the rich and famous live in a publicity glass cage, like prisoners of their fame, where they are continually onstage, like characters in a modern-day soap opera, in which the sagas and scandals of the rich and famous are like modern-day morality stories. While these stories help reinforce our social values of right and wrong, or at least get a dialog going about this, the rich and famous individuals at the center of these stories are under a public microscope and subject to the slings and arrows of public opinion. Julian Osula seems to have chosen the right part of being silently rich, after all, how many of our rich Nigerians can afford to do what he has just done?



I Had Nothing To Do With Helicopter Incident On Lagos- Benin Express – Julian Osula

Foillowing the report above, Luxury Entrepreneur and CEO of Julian’s Luxury, Mr. Julian Osula has denied being the rumoured billionaire that was picked up by a helicopter on Benin-Lagos Express Road over the weekend.

Julian in his reaction to the trending stories claiming he was the VIP on the flight, said it was an “IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR” amongst Bloggers and Online Publishers in Nigeria who go to press without any iota of investigation whatsoever on stories with no single truth in them.

According him, he was contacted by the publisher of Precious Eze’s Blog who called to confirm if the story was true.

He however denied being the passenger on the said flight and that he only re-posted the video on his page just like every other Nigerian did after it went viral.

He said:


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