Yoruba actress, Aisha Lawal Talks On Her Alleged Marriage To A ‘Married Man’

Rumours, as we all know, has led many to their doom and just as we try to detangle the web of lies that have wrapped many notable figures in Nigeria’s entertainment industry, Yoruba actress, Aisha Lawal has come out to finally clear the air on the reputation-damaging information about her marriage and the paternity of her baby that has got tongues wagging.


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During a recent interview held by City People, Aisha Lawal revealed that she is legally married with a six-month-old baby. She also stated clearly that her husband is a Muslim and isn’t in any way in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

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Though the actress confessed to not liking the idea of talking about her private life on media, she stated that she was happily married. She also revealed that she waited for a while before she could have her baby. See her statement below

Many don’t know, I waited for a while before I could have the baby, it was my first pregnancy and my first child. I never did anything elaborate to celebrate my marriage, and the Yoruba thing came to play, I mean, trying to get pregnant before getting married, so that was what happened.

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Reacting to the scandals and stories surrounding her pregnancy and her baby the actress stated bluntly that daughter is far more important than any story that has been written so she would rather keep quiet and let it slide. According to her, maturity and education is more than any scandalous story. Regarding the rumour of her getting married to another married man, she said;

Let them bring the wife of the man that I married. So, it is not my fault, they couldn’t provide the wife of the man I married. And I tell people, everybody has their own journey, if you judge and destroy my name because you want to get famous, I will only wish you what I have been through in life and where I am today, I wish you the same journey, and you will be judged that way too.

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What are your thoughts on Aisha’s comment on the rumour of her getting married to another woman’s husband? Is it enough to clear the air or does the actress need to go a step further to silence the rumour mongers? Kindly let us know your opinion in the comment section below and don’t forget to share.

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