Why Regina Daniels is a perfect mother in the making

A lot of people feel like raising children  at a young age is a difficult task. You will often hear disapproving remarks likes “you’re just a baby yourself”. Apart from it being seen as difficult, it is also seen as morally wrong. The Nigerian society is known to potray high morals with little action to show for it. You will often hear comments like “What does she even know in life”, “What has she seen?”, “She is not strong enough”. That misconception is one that has followed the new wife of Ned Munir Nwoko, Regina Daniels, especially after she was seen with her step daughters.

The long-drawn debate for whether or not Regina Daniel’s marriage to Ned Nwoko is right or wrong is yet to be settled. But no matter the different opinions, Regina Daniels has shown no sign of care whatsoever for the opinions of others. Now that has been seen with her step-daughters bonding and loving up. People have been asking whether she is preparing for motherhood and if she’s truly ready to be a mother and a good one at that. YES, A thousand times YES. She is ready at whatever time she decides to be and she will be an amazing mother.

Motherhood is not a quality born out of bearing children alone, it is a daily decision a woman makes to put her children and her family first and love them unconditionally. Is Regina Daniels capable, I strongly believe she is and I’ll tell you why:


Although it is still unknown how long Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko were acquainted before the public got wind of their relationship, I’m sure it is not news to the Nigerian ears how rocky a relationship between a step mother and her step-children can be. From the fictional stories of Cinderella to our Nollywood movies of women maltreating their step children. Treating them badly, letting their own insecurities and jealous thoughts push them into very violent actions towards the children.

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If Regina Daniels is truly as greedy and as gold-digging as people say she is, then she would want to claim as much of Ned Nwoko’s money and attention as she can get. She wouldn’t draw the children close to her because she would see them as competition, as people who might reduce her inheritance and enjoyment. She is not doing that, Rather what we see her doing is pulling the children close to her, bonding with them. In such a short time, the children have gotten acquainted with her in such a loving manner. We can see pictures of them holding onto her waist, looking into her eyes and giving her pecks on her cheeks.

Children don’t pretend for long, if they didn’t like her, we would know. What we see is that the children adore Regina Daniels.  That should tell anyone with eyes to see that she will shower her children with so much attention and care. That’s a good mother, one who her children can trust, one who her children are not afraid to be around, they know they will only find love where she is. That’s a good mother

2. Age Difference

The responsibilities that motherhood entails have made a lot of people think that one  should be a certain age before they can handle them The young star is 22 and there a lots of advantages to raising children at a young age. A young mother has a lot more energy available to vibe with the kids around her. Whether its by playing games,  running around, even just basic conversation and gossip.

Regina Daniels is in a better position to be able to understand the children’s need for a confidant, the children’s questions about crushes on the opposite gender, their concerns about need for space and privacy. It wasn’t too long ago that she was in their shoes, with a wealth of experience to share with them. It’s no wonder these children seem to love her dearly, how much more her own children.

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A lot of mothers also find it difficult to adapt to the changes of a growing child. Sometimes children grow in subtle and gradual ways, other change rapidly and not physically but mentally and emotionally. When they change from a  children to pre-teens, from pre-teens to full blown teenagers, from teenagers to young adults. It is usually hard for parents to ‘ grow with their children’ in times like this,  a lot of parents end up pushing their children away and they begin to trust the short-sighted opinions of their friends rather than someone who has ‘been there.

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Young mothers are less likely to make this mistake and in this case Regina Daniels, even based on the relationship she has with her own mother, she understands the role of an understanding mother in the life of children. I believe she has that covered.

3. Freedom

One of the major issues that mothers face is having time for their children. Mothers are tasked with having to balance work life, family life and social life all at the same time. That is something that a lot of mothers find challenging. Regina Daniels has a successful career as an actress and the feeds from her social media page tell us that she’s definitely putting family first. She has the time on her hands to properly raise her children. The countless photos and videos of she and her step-children show us that.

It is very important that a mother has the time to raise her own children, time to observe them, and the freedom to be available for them when they need her, because they will need her. Regina Daniels has a lot of free time on her hands to be the best mother she can be for her step children and her actual children

4. Money

We cannot over stress the importance of finances in a marriage,  and when children come into the picture,  financial responsibilities are not just doubled but squared. Ned Nwoko has done an amazing job of providing for his children. Its not only necessary to give your children some of life’s finest treats but also to teach your children on how to be financially independent themselves. To give them opportunities for quality education, vacation, and a higher standard of living. Anyone would want that for their children.

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Regina Daniels, a smart young woman, has places her unborn children in a position to enjoy all of these benefits! She’s ready to shower them with all her time, love, attention and bond with them in every way. That is someone who is ready to be an amazing mother, Regina Daniels

5. Maturity and Experience

Regina Daniels is not new to the public eye, the controversy surrounding her age is not something new. Society has always tried to impose certain hypocritical morals on her way of life and so far she has stood her ground on the decisions she makes. She doesn’t strike me as one who is easily moved by the opinions of others, that ability comes with a certain level of maturity. Claiming that the actress is only with her husband because of the money is false. She’s been acting since she was a child, she is not new to money. The young woman has created a better life for herself and her children. Its a lot of maturity and experience for a girl her age to think so far ahead. How many young women do we have lurking the streets, without any sense of direction or ambition? Maturity is not by age, it is by the application of experience and common sense, Regina Daniels is mature enough to be a capable mother.

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I think a lot of Nigerians need to focus on what is truly important, don’t let the age factor overshadow all other good qualities. It has hindered a lot of Nigerian youth already. Sometimes we barely even give any opportunity to people becasue of their age, forgetting that this generation is more informed and eager. Eager for experience, eager to take risks, eager to  fail, get up and move forward.  I see nothing wrong with the decision of young Regina Daniels, she has displayed qualities that some mothers in their 40’s have not yet learned. She is loving, caring, ambitious, calculative and emotionally intelligent and those are the qualities of a good mother.

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