2Baba’s Manager, Efe Omoregbe Attacks COSON Directors; Claims They Are Dirty And Corrupt

The ongoing tussle between the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) and other music bodies in the country seems to keep escalating as each day passes by. The latest as of the moment of writing this article happens to be an open letter to Azeezat Allen, an old-time female musician in Nigeria who is currently on the board of directors of COSON. The letter which was written by 2Baba’s manager and business partner, Efe Omoregbe who fought for the dissolution of Tony Okoroji as Chairman of COSON Directors Board accused the singer and her directors of failing to come out clean in respect to musicians royalties in the country.

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Read The letter below.


Azeezat Allen Dear Azeezat,

Aren’t you guys tired of embarrassing yourselves with these weak arguments? The issue is simple. Your board failed to apply for renewal of the COSON license hoping to capitalise on a supreme court judgement in favour of MCSN to operate without approval. MCSN issues a statement on their position on a May 2019 situation and you backtrack 18 months to use it as a sorry excuse for your self-serving December 2017 actions that has almost completely ruined COSON?

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I know Okoroji has done a great job selling this dummy to unsuspecting stakeholders but you, Azeezat, are not one of them. You know exactly what the truth is. Lemme try to cure your selective amnesia by jogging your memory a bit boss. The board sacked Okoroji for financial misconduct and more, banned directors from servicing COSON as paid contractors and resolved to institute an audit. The paid contractors were companies owned by Okoroji, Azeezat (and Seyi Allen) and John Uduegbunam (using his wife, sister or daughter’s name) – the only 3 directors who didn’t vote for Efe Omorogbe as chairman.

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The reality of the loss of personal income and fear of the KPMG or PWC audit was the motive behind the afterthought melodrama of December 19, 2017. Have you guys been dodging the audit to hide the facts and avoid the consequences of your unethical (at best, criminal at worst) actions or protecting COSON from an MCSN take-over? When Okoroji demanded for N26.2m for COSON Week events that TOPS executed without board approval and you were making a case for retroactive approval of the sum for him upon his sack even when it would force our admin cost beyond the NCC approved 30% cap where you looking out for COSON or trying to protect it from an MCSN take over?

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When the board questioned Okoroji’s spirited defence of the building contractor’s un-negotiated invoice and we questioned the on-boarding process of the contractor and Okoroji responded by illegally dissolving the finance committee in our absence were you guys protecting COSON from an MCSN take over or protecting yourselves from the probe? Reserve this tales-by-moonlight for hungry cheerleaders sis. People are way better informed now. Trust me. You, Okoroji, Uduegbunam, and your clique have proven to be a worse threat to COSON than everyone you have demonized put together.

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Check the roll call – MCSN, Afam Ezekude, AG Malami, Obi Ezeilo, NCC, Toju Ejueyitchie, Onyeka Onwenu, Audu Maikori, Paul Okeugo, Dare Fasasi, Sikiru Agboola, Joel Ajayi, Efe Omorogbe, Obi Asika, Pretty Okafor. All these “enemies” couldn’t deliver the death blow your refusal to apply for renewal of COSON’s operating licence has dealt on the CMO. But wait o! If you guys think that silently killing off COSON will sweep all your atrocities under the carpet for good, then the brainwashing has been simply epic. COSON is a public institution. The monies you’ve spent belong to woke members and will be accounted for. FULLY. Best believe it.

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