Check Out 6 Old Nigerian Soap Operas We All Used To Watch

Do you remember crouching before your television set ahead of 4 pm eagerly waiting for the multi-coloured lines that would signal broadcasts were about to begin? While Game of Thrones may be the biggest TV series in the world today completely remember it just like yesterday. While it may seem like another lifetime, it was not that long ago that the internet DIDN’T run our lives, and 24-hour cable channels did NOT exist in Nigerian homes, and we were completely at the mercy of NTA for entertainment.



Though not very popular, Izozo talked about a lot of societal issues and vices in Nigeria. The show didn’t hold back and bared all the secrets regarding those uncomfortable topics that people didn’t want to speak on. No topic was off limits and it showed anything, from rape to child trafficking, prostitution, and corruption.
2.Tales By Moonlight



A series of moral stories are told to children to teach them good behavior. Mostly traditional folklores are told to them.
3.Binta And Friends



Binta and Friends was one show that perfectly captured the struggles teenagers face in secondary school.
Jealous classmates, backstabbing friends, predatory male teachers, and doting and overprotective parents.
Being a good girl and model student in school, really was so much work.
4.Super Story



Who else remembers this classic? The super story was more than a TV series, it was a bonding moment for family members. Everyone would sit together on Thursdays(when it was still airing on Thursdays) and the new episodes or chapters. You never ran out of things to watch, because every episode of each franchise was interesting. There was always a moral at the end of each episode.

The first season of the show told the story of Suara and Toyin Tomato (played by the brilliant Sola Sobowale). The debut season was a hit which has influenced the success of the following seasons. Each season tells a different story centred around the lives of middle-class Nigeria.



5.This Life



Another anecdotal T.V show. This life was packaged with life lessons and the show told it as it is. We were exposed to tons of characters with different stories and dilemmas who had to learn some lessons. Sometimes the hard way.
6.Papa Ajasco



Our go-to fix for laughter. Papa Ajasco was hilarious and engrossing starring the famous characters, ‘Papa Ajasco’, ‘Mama Ajasco’, ‘Bobo Ajasco’, ‘Boy Alinco’, ‘Miss Pepeiye’, ‘Pa James’ and ‘Pa Jimoh’.  The fat man and his band of misfits. He and his companions always knew what to say or do to create a comic relief. Papa Ajasco and company will make you laugh and laugh (should we finish the song?). Until you forget your name. Heavy on slapstick comedy, Papa Ajasco has continued to make Nigerians laugh for over 20 years.



7. Fuji House Of Commotion





Fuji House of Commotion is a Nigerian sitcom. Produced and directed by Amaka Igwe, the show was a spin-off of nineties soap opera Checkmate – one of the few Nigerian television programmes to have obtained that status.

9. Ultimate Power:





Because the fear of ayamatanga was the beginning of wisdom for every Nigerian child growing up in the 90s. Not quite a soap opera, Ultimate Power was a serialised movie produced by Mount Zion films which had a religious theme. Widely popularly, the phrase ayamatanaga is one no 90’s child who grew up in Nigeria would be unfamiliar with, right up there with agbara nla.

10. Checkmate:

 The mother of them all, Checkmate had a cult following and spun the also widely popular ‘Fuji House of Commotion’. Starring Ego Boyo, Richard Mofe-Damijo, the late Francis Agu to name a few, Checkmate centred around the powerful Haatrope family and kept us all glued to our screens.



Source: Scooper
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