Trouble looms as actress Iyabo Ojo gives Kemi Olunloyo last warning, Threatens her with her worst nightmare(See video of all she said)

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has angrily and at the same time calmly taken to social media to warn madam Kemi Olunloyo to stay away from her business and that of her family and advising her and not to ever bring her children into her fake and controversial news .

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She made this known on her instagram page where she posted a video and explained in details how she does not have a hand in her case while she was in prison and she should stop believing she is the one behind her misfortune.

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Iyabo Ojo went ahead to ask her for proofs of all she claims to know because she is ready to file a legal action as long as she keeps dragging her name and that of her children in the mud.

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A post shared by Iyabo Ojo / Boss Lady (@iyaboojofespris) on May 16, 2019 at 2:29am PDT

“What i do with my life has nothing to do with you, and as a journalist, always have your facts and evidence before you come for me because i can get you arrested for defamation ”  she said

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Madam Kemi Olunloyo who replied a trending video Iyabo Ojo posted on her instagram page where she narrated her sad marital experience in hot tears that she regarded as tears of Joy.

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She also revealed how her ex-husband broke her heart on their wedding night saying he didn’t love her but only got married to her because she was pregnant and also how she has been able to take care of her children without anyone helping her.

The video has got people talking and sympathizing with her with so many messages from well wishers except Kemi Olunloyo who has used the opportunity to remind her of how she has just started suffering and how she is going to keep shedding tears for all the bad things she has done to her.

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Iyabo Ojo also reminded her that her space in the prison is still available and if she ever comes for her children again, she is definitely going back there because she will be on her case till she is dealt with.

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Aunty Kem Kem as she is fondly called by Iyabo ojo had called out Iyabo Ojos daughter and called her a prostitute . “@iyaboojofespris#IyaboOjo crying crocodile tears reflecting on her crashed marriage. Like I said on pastor Ibiyeomie’s pulpit, whoever sent me that letter that sent me to prison, God will deal with them mercilessly.

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Your tears just began. Apologise to Pastor Ibiyeomie and Kemi Olunloyo for pitching an innocent pastor against an innocent Journalist all because you were fighting Vivian Metchie and your PA who wrote the fake letter against you substituting Apostle Suleiman’s name for Ibiyeomie’s name.

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You and Gbeminiyi Adegbola will not make heaven for sending me to prison for 6 mos and ruining my name Amen! I will release the letter in detail in my book which your PA also describes your daughter Prisca as a “runs girl in training.” Thank u Apostle Suleiman for the text message contacting me,

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Pastor Ibiyeomie who prayed for me and Toronto Police Officer CM who tracked the instagram account that sent it and Truecaller in Sweden who exposed the SIM owner Iyabo Ojo Pinkies group. Flag this post too. It is a documentary and an upcoming book.” Madam KKO said .

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Is the war between this two ever going to end at all?

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