REVEALED! Davido Didn’t Help Release Zlatan Ibile.. See The Identity Of Those Who Did (Video)

It was reported that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) yesterday released Nigerian singer/rapper, Omoniyi Temidayo, popularly known as Zlatan Ibile which has gotten some Nigerian artistes like Davido to expressing their joy on his freedom via social media. Nigerian big boy, Aremo Gucci who revealed that it was Olamide and Burna Boy that helped Zlatan Ibile. Zlatan Ibile was arrested on the 10th of May by the EFCC for alleged involvement in internet fraud activities alongside Naira Marley and three others.



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Shortly after the release, news surfaced that it was on the orders of Davido who hired a lawyer for him. However, the news has been debunked by Aremo Gucci has stated that the release of rapper Zlatan Ibile was secured by Olamide and Burna Boy, not Davido as widely publicized.




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According to reports Zlatan Ibile was released alongside three others, leaving only Naira Marley still in EFCC custody.


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It would also be recalled that according to reports controversial singer, Naira Marley, who was released by EFCC a few days ago, boasted that he has been arrested 124 times when he was still living in England and EFFC detaining him was no big deal to him. He mentioned this in a video on his social media page.




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Naira Marley said;


“Lemme tell You, you don’t know me I have been arrested 124 times in England and i am not doing any other type of music, No slow songs, no love songs, just street music”.

Naira Marley

Watch the video below.






Naira Marley moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 11. His popular for his street savvy kind of music. Meanwhile, Naira Marley’s close ally, Zlatan Ibile, was also arrested. According to EFCC, They were arrested along with: Tiamiu Abdulrahman Kayode, Adewunmi Adeyanju Moses, and Abubakar Musa.



“Their arrest followed an early morning raid on Friday, May 10, 2019, at 9, Gbangbola Street, Ikate, Lekki, Lagos.





“At the point of arrest, the Commission found and recovered a number of items, including laptops, from the suspects”.



“They have so far volunteered useful information about their involvement in the alleged criminal activities, even as investigations continue.”



The news of his arrest by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, got Veteran rapper, Ruggedman, to react as he expressed himself in an interview.




The EFCC explained why it arrested Naira Marley, real name Afeez Fashola and also confirmed the arrest of Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael aka Zlatan. Ruggedman revealed that he was been accused of reporting the singer to the anti-graft agency, but added that he has no such powers.



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Naira Marley was arrested by the EFCC, on Friday over his campaign in support of internet fraudsters also known as Yahoo Boys. Ruggedman had earlier clashed with the singer on social media over his opinion on Yahoo Boys. He had advised him not to mislead Nigerian youths.




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In an interview with City Fm on Friday, Ruggedman said he was happy Naira Marley was arrested because the ‘Am I a yahoo boy’ singer played himself.



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Ruggedman stated that he was expecting to see the singer’s supporters at the EFCC office bearing placards in protest but he never saw any. The musician wondered why Naira Marley should be promoting what everyone had been campaigning against.


The singer said,


“I wake up this morning to see say EFCC don carry am. I don dey wait since make all those his people wey dey hala I think say dem for don go EFCC office go protest but well I see dem na… make we dey wait”.




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“Well, at the end of the day, my advice to everyone on social media, all the gansters and gangsteresses, you should know that when they push you on socia media, there’s real lfe”.



“When you cross social media fake life with reality, there’ll be problems and that’s what happened to him [Naira Marley]. Reality pulled him out from social media to explain his slavery issue”.



“Some people are saying that I told EFCC to arrest him. I don’t have such power”.


“My fear was when he came out to say such things, and I said ‘do not mislead the youths”.



“A lot of people see all the Benz life and they want to live. But now they know the EFCC and the police are watching. And at the end of the day someone says Ruggedman snitched on me”.


Meanwhile, in another news, Singer Burna Boy has announced that he would be leaving social media and that his handles will now be controlled by his management. The announcement might be linked to his recent altercations with social media users after a Twitter user called him out for his comment on streaming numbers which appeared like he was shading Mayorkun .




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The musician had tweeted that some musicians actually think streaming numbers are equivalent to talent, which led many fans to think it was a shade thrown at Mayorkun who recently celebrated 70million views across all platforms.



A Twitter user reacted to Burna boy’s tweet;


“Burna Boy is overrated” “Burna Boy needs to blow” This was y’all in 2018. First he pisses on you all. Calls you “backward unprogressive fools”.




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“Then disrespects Tiwa And now Mayorkun. Man is clearly messed up. You people hyped a wallgecko he started to think he’s a crocodile. In response, the singer shared the below series of tweets”.



Burne Boy replied to him;



“Lol. Nice comedy. But really If I wanted to call out someone. It won’t be on Twitter or Instagram, I’m more of the real life type. I State Facts, I don’t expect people like you to understand cuZ I do not speak unless it’s the TRUTH and I know ur not used to that so I get it. FYI Hype is NOT what got me here neither is what will keep me here”.



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“Same ppl that hail you will tear you down so it never matters to me. I just do what’s true to me that’s all. “Overrate or Underrate” doesn’t change shit! Truth needs no validation from ignorance”.



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“BTW anyone that thinks I just “Blew” last year. NewsFlash – I been HOT since 2012 NON STOP! Doing it ALL. Touring, getting Money, TREND setting, Big Billboards for ur favourite brands, Feeding as many as I can on the streets and ALL. E.T.C. – AFRICAN GIANT no be by mouth”.



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