(VIDEO) Ashawo No get Dignity: Actor Okon Lagos (Imeh Bishop) Under Fire For Saying That Having S^X With Prostitutes By Force Is Not Rape

Actor, Imeh Bishop Umoh has incurred the wrath of Nigerians on social media after he took to Instagram to defend policemen who raped women after they arrested them in Abuja clubs.

Shortly after the arrest, Nigerian women did a street march to protest the sexual abuse of single women found clubbing. But Imeh did not agree the women were raped by the policemen who arrested them and demanded sex for bail.

The said policemen allegedly used pure water sachets to rape those who couldn’t post bail. Imeh Bishop stated that  there is no way what the policemen did to those women can be termed rape because rape is forcefully taking a woman’s dignity, but sex workers do not have any dignity that can be taken, according to him. He added that the policemen simply stole from the women because they forcefully took the product they are selling (sex) and did not pay.

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Therefore what the policemen did should be seen as theft, not as rape. Imeh said in a video shared to his Instagram:  There is a campaign going on on social media. Women, they go around, they do protest that police in Abuja they go and arrest commercial sex workers, that’s ashawo, and then they rape them.Well, that is a wrong charge.

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The charge should not be rape because there’s a difference between rape and stealing. For rape now, na to just go… you go to have sex and collect by force, and take away their dignity and self pride wey ashawo no get.Ashawo no get self pride and dignity.So what happened there actually is stealing because those police now, if and only if they really went and forcefilly collect… and steal wetin this ashawo dey sell and they no pay money and they just waka and go away like that. So, that is stealing of their product and merchandise.

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