Femi Kuti doesn’t want to be another Fela – See who he wants to be known for

Nigerian musician, Femi Anikulapo-Kuti, has taken to social media to give a piece of his mind to the people urging him to be more like his father, the legendary afrobeat singer, Fela.

Following the release of singer Falz’s new album, Moral Instruction, there have been massive reactions on the social media platforms as many people are now referring to him as the new Fela. Some however, used the opportunity to express their disappointment at the fact that the singer’s eldest son, Femi Kuti is nothing like his father.

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Responding to a Twitter user who shared the same opinion, Femi Kuti stated that even though he loves and honours his father, he also loves and appreciates being himself.

He wrote: “Pity for you ni o. Ive said it several times , I probably will have to repeat till I die, I don’t want to be my father. I❤️him, I honor him ,I respect him ,but I want to be me.I love bring Me Femi Anikulapo-Kuti. And I totally appreciate myself and my being.” 

Some of his fans and followers reacted to the tweet, sharing words of encouragement.

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Femi Kuti may be nothing like his father but it appears his 22-year-old son is gradually becoming like him.

In 2018, Femi formally welcomed his son, Made, into his Positive Force band. The proud father shared an adorable photo of himself with his son just before they made their way to Paris to perform.

What are your thoughts on Femi not being more of an activist like his father, Fela?

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