22-year-old ENDOWED model with extra ordinary hourglass shape sets internet on FIRE (Photos/Video)

Some ladies are really endowed and blessed with good and hour -glass figures and most of them are not afaraid to flaunt them. some make good money off an on social media just because of their body structutres. this young Ghanian girl is a toast of every man as she is well endowed and she turns head everywhere she goes.

Her name is Pamela Odame Watara. The name may not sound familiar but her face may and she’s gradually becoming a popular person because of the obvious.

Pamela Odame Watara is a model and a music vixen. Her mother is a Ghanaian and her dad a Kenyan but was born in Kenya and moved here at the age of 15. Pamela has an extraordinary hourglass shape and since joining Instagram she’s generated some attention because of the huge size of her b**bs.

Just 22 years old and a marketing student of Wiscon university, Pamela in an interview with Elabor BizTV on Youtube that although her b00bs are real and natural, people have doubts and some think she uses silicon in there.

Pamela stated that, she noticed that her breasts started growing very big at the age of 14 and at the time one was getting bigger than the other, so her mom had to put foam in her bra to match it up but after some months the other one starting developing well to match up.

Watch her full interview below after the photos: