Diamond Platnumz Involved In A Crash, How He Crashed Will Make You Laugh

Popular Tanzanian musician, Diamond Platnumz went crashing down after his stage collapsed during a recent performance. Diamond, who was leading Wasafi Records artistes in a performance at the Wasafi Festival, had taken to the stage to perform the hit song ‘Zilipendwa‘.

Shortly after he had started singing, fellow musicians Mbosso and Rayvanny joined in and hyped the crowd by jumping up and down the wooden stage. Mbosso took a while to notice the happenings on stage, and even after he saw his colleagues below the stage, he continued singing as the security personnel came to Diamond and Rayvanny’s rescue. Apparently, he is unhurt as he posted the video about five hours after the show.

The performance was cut shortly thereafter without the song ending.

Wasafi Festival edition in Sumbawanga was cancelled on Friday night after heavy rains destroyed the sound system. Diamond took to Instagram to comment on the incident writing, “Mchezo usiuchezee.”

Meanwhile, Diamond has said he regrets having a child outside wedlock and now is encouraging his fellow men to always remember to use condoms. The Tanzanian singer made this know during a sit down with 247HH where he talked, among other things, his relationship with his children and having a son Hamisa Mobetto while he was still married to Zari Hassan.

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“It was very bad that was the fucking moment in my life sometimes,” said the singer, adding, “I don’t want to think about it. But I my best to give all the kids the love that I have and deserve from me.”

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The singer whose marriage to Zari had since crashed continued, “Of course, from there I have learnt something I should even tell my friends. No matter if you have a wife or a girlfriend when you have a side chic make sure you use a condom so it can protect you from not having a side kid because that really bad.”

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And he said a lot more.

Recently the artiste was spotted with girlfriend Tanasha, who is a presenter NRG radio, they were spotted walking into Nairobi’s high end club, Kiza Lounge accompanied by her bodyguard.

Bongo flava star Diamond Platnumz is not taking any chances as the date for his wedding to his new Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna fast approaching.

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The Tanzanian artiste has now hired a bodyguard for his new beau, who he recently said he will be wedding in February 2019.

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