Check Out Dencia’s Advise To Women, After Learning From Experience

Reprudencia Sonkey, known by her stage name Dencia, is a singer, an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and philanthropist. The Singer and CEO of Whitenicious, has taken to social media to advise women who are married to rich men.

In her new post, she stated that their husband’s wealth is not theirs and advised them to struggle for their own. She also further disclosed that she learnt this from her aunt who is married into wealth.

Read her post below;

Leon Balogun is the latest personality to be dragged by Dencia over his comments on Blac Chyna’s visit to Nigeria and his family wasn’t left out. The American based singer took to her Instagram page on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, where she dragged the Nigerian football international for trolling Blac Chyna. His parents weren’t left out as she didn’t spare them in her bid to pass across her message.

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“Then you have niggas who can’t even pay for their momma to have a proper wash and blow dry talking shit. Pulled up his profile, been playing over 15 years and can’t afford whitenicious on a weekly basis,” she wrote.
She went on drag his parents and didn’t really have nice words to say about them. Leon Balogun’s offense was a tweet he posted on his Twitter page on Wednesday, November 21, 2018, where he called on people not to support Blac Chyna’s visit to Nigeria to sell her skin care products.

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Now we all know why Dencia took it upon herself to drag him on social media. Just so we all know, Leon Balogun isn’t the only celeb who has faced the wrath of Dencia in the last few days. Recall she had a filled day slamming Burna Boy who warned Blac Chyna of her visit to Nigeria.

Dencia didn’t have any of Burna Boy’s latest comments on Blac Chyna as she gave some not really nice words to him. The singer took to the comment section of a blog which had posted Burna Boy’s message to Blac Chyna about her alleged plans to sell her bleaching cream products.

According to Dencia, Burna Boy only promotes drugs and can’t afford to hang out with Blac Chyna. “So that nigga came out of his drug-induced coma instead of taking a shower to clean up his fart/Cig smelling looking ass he had time to talk about a woman? Hahaha for someone who promotes drug culture ‍♀️u can’t even afford to be in the same Zip code as her sis Burna cuz only girls act like u, u can’t afford her ass if she had to shake it, stick to the druggies on the side streets u of are use to. Sending love & light ur way on this thanksgiving we are thankful u making it alive living this high life,” she wrote.


She went on to accuse the music star of his silence when other companies launched their products in the country.

Dencia always dropping it loud on social media, DENCIA with the DISS

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