Wrongful Arrest! Do you know Small Doctor has a gun license?

Small Doctor has been in the news lately, and this time the ‘Penalty’ singer has revealed that he has a gun license, saying his arrest by the Nigerian Police was a case of misunderstanding.

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The Nigerian singer was arrested a few days ago for ‘illegal possession’ of firearms and for allegedly threatening to shoot a police officer.

The singer was arraigned earlier on Tuesday at the Ebute Metta Magistrate court along with the other occupants in his car and was subsequently released.

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He wrote;

“It was a case of misunderstanding and everything is settled. My fans need to know that I will not get involved in any illegality. The younger ones look up to me for hope and I will never let them down”

Small Doctor insisted that he had licence to carry a gun, saying that he was stunned when he later read that he was in possession of illegal firearms,

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“…as I said earlier, I cannot be involved in any illegal activity. There is no way I will hold a firearm without having a licence” he added.

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