HEARTBREAKING! Peter Okoye Of PSquare Shades Davido After His Attempt To Troll Him Failed Woefully

Have you heard about the idiom ‘the joke’s on you?’ Well, Davido’s endeavor at trolling turned out badly at the beginning of today after he swore Peter Okoye was simply modeling for the gram and not really going out. Peter Okoye had posted an Instagram photograph which indicated him endeavoring to open his vehicle door. Davido then remarked, ‘I swear you no Dey go anywhere’.

While fans concurred with Davido, saying it was only a trick for the gram, Peter Okoye shared another photograph around thirty minutes after the fact, demonstrating him shooting a commercial. He posted the photo with the caption, “#Onset shooting a commercial. Please tag @davidoofficial and tell him I am coming for my money as soon as I am done.” Turns out he was really going out. Ideally, Davido is definitely not a sore failure but this time around, he failed woefully.