Buhari’s Spokesperson Accused Of Using Fake Photos Of Atiku To Sabotage His Campaign

Nigerian music maker, K-Solo has hit out at Presidential representative Lauretta Onochie for utilizing counterfeit photographs from Atiku’s campaign. Solomon Oyeniyi, otherwise known as K-Solo, was responding to a post on Twitter where Lauretta was exposed to have utilized phony photographs to delineate the Atiku battle. Twitter user Badmus Hakeem, sharing the first picture the representative used to portray the Atiku battle in Sokoto composed;

K-Solo blast Lauretta Onochie for using fake photos from Atiku’s campaign

The music producer then responded to the post thus; “BUHARI GOT SO MANY OLOSHIs IN HIS CABINET FOOLING HIM AND GETTING PAID ON FAKES”

Trust Twitter users to respond to the matter. These are some of the comments we gathered on the issue;