Hearthless Flavour dumps Ex Beauty Queen Anna Ebiere after he did this

Nigerian contemporary High-life singer Flavour proposed to Anna Banner, 1st Baby Mama, months before the birth of new son by Sandra Okagbue, reports Insiders allege that some months back, the  Nabania crooner who is currently responsible for Anna’s temporary relocation to Ghana to further her Education has refused to let go and asked her to marry him.


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The insiders also allege that what happened thereafter is not known but Flavour is still on Anna’s case refusing her to move on and told her that he had broken up with Sandra but quietly relocated her to birth their child.So smitten is Flavour that he gave Anna full ownership of one of the houses he owns in Lekki unknown to Sandra. The two lovebirds Anna and Flavour did not stop dating but removed their relationship from the social media,same way Sandra was advised to do and that way,nobody is bashed online.


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Insiders says Whilst Sandra is currently happy and Nursing her Child away from all the drama and stress,Anna Banner is currently in shock because the Pregnancy news hit her bad and she has refused to take calls from Flavour who has been apologising and begging her to forgive him….The Rumour mongers allege that Sandra has affirmed her position as Flavour’s wife and whether he denies it or not,he knows the truth and so does Anna

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Anna was crowned the 2013 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria by 2012 MBGN Queen Isabella Ayuk. After winning the beauty pageant, Anna Banner decided to test her luck at the 2013 Miss World Competition. That particular contest was won by Megan Young. Unfortunately, the young Nigerian beauty did not even make it to the top 10. However, the pageant helped her expand her modeling career on an international level.

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She was also appointed Special Assistant on Culture and Tourism to Governor Henry Dickson upon her reign. In 2014, she made her acting debut in the Super story family drama. The gorgeous Nigerian actress and pageant winner has definitely paved a successful career for herself in the entertainment industry. She also starred in the Nigerian musician, Favour N’abania’s music video “Gollibe” alongside famous Nigerian actor, Pete Edochie. She has a foundation – Anna Banner Empowerment Foundation, which carters for the poor and underprivileged.


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In 2015 Beauty Queen Miss Anna Ebiere Banner gave birth to a baby girl, Sofia Okoli, whose father is Nigerian musician Flavour. Anna and Flavour began their relationship in 2014. A few months later, the model announced that she was pregnant for Flavour. It was the reason why she was kicked out of Middlesex University as the UAE does not accept ladies whose babies were conceived out of wedlock. Nonetheless, Anna decided to keep her baby. She made her decision despite Flavour’s refusal to marry her.


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