Toke Makinwa issues relationship advice to women

Toke Makinwa wants women to find a man who looks at them like magic as partners when searching for one.  The media personality made this known via her Twitter page on Thursday, August 23, 2018. According to her, ladies should look for the right man and not settle for anything.

“Find you a man who looks at you like magic, like how did I get so lucky to have her? Just by being in my life I feel purpose. Ladies never settle, don’t accept just anything too,” she tweeted.

Fans and lovers of this multi-talented woman aren’t newcomers to her advice which always comes in droves. Recall that about a week ago, Toke admonished women on the need not stay married because of the financial gains which she said is a lame move.

“Staying in marriage for financial gains is lame”-Toke Makinwa says

Toke Makinwa is dishing out advice to women who get married for financial gains as a lame move. The multi-talented media personality made this known via her Twitter page on Thursday, August 9, 2018. According to Toke, it is lame for any woman to stay in a marriage for financial gains.

“Staying in a domestic marriage because of financial gain or the lies you tell yourself about surviving is lame, I’m yet to see anyone leave a bad situation do badly, it’s the fear that keeps you from your potential,” she tweeted.

She also went on to advice women to get busy with their lives by getting a job or just do something for a living.

“If she’s dead, they will survive. Women need to get busy, relying on a man can put you I jeopardy. Use your hands, get up, get busy,” she concluded. Let’s just say these tweets will indeed get a number of women rethinking the reasons they decide to get married.

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