Psquare leads list of 7 celebrity social media fights we can’t forget in a hurry

Throwing bants, calling people out, has become a norm on social media among users but it becomes a trending gist when the people actually fighting are celebrities.

Since the advent of social media, we’ve all gotten accustomed to how it affects our daily lives. Celebrities have used social media to not just explore and expand their reach but gather fans. Sometimes these celebrities fall out amongst themselves and just like every human, they call each other out on these platforms living their fans in shock.

So let’s check out some celebrity fights that went viral and made us realise that these guys are actually just humans too. Some of these guys have now settled their beef while others might linger on for a long time to come.

01. Wizkid and Tekno

The short rift between Wizkid and Tekno happened back in 2017 was triggered off by a tweet. It all started when a Twitter fan regarded Tekno as an up-and-coming artist compared to Wizkid and Davido. The ‘Yawa‘ singer replied with some air of confidence and humour tweeting that the world would soon know who is more international.

He, however, didn’t see it coming as Wizkid threw a sub at Tekno with a ‘duck face’ tweet. The two have since settled their beef and were spotted clubbing together a few weeks after.

2. Wizkid and Davido

For Wizkid and Davido, we all know how these guys fought over nothing for over five years. At some point, their crew got physical in a foreign country. However, the very first time these guys threw jabs directly at each other was on social media.

Back in 2017, Davido had taken to his Twitter page where he sent a cryptic but direct message to Wizkid; “With Yankee Passport, They Say We Local”. It didn’t take long before Wizkid gave a robust reply, “My people make una remember say Yankee passport no be baba blue, e no dey cure frog voice.” Wizkid and Davido are now best of buddies as they have since squashed their beef putting to bed their once unhealthy rivalry.

3. Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Aimakhu


One fact about Mercy Aigbe and Toyin Aimakhu is that they both so many similarities than any other known celebrities in the entertainment industry. However, this didn’t stop the beautiful actresses from coming for each other on social media when they had a misunderstanding.

Back in June 2018, Toyin Aimakhu shocked everyone when she took to her Instagram page to call out Mercy Aigbe for having a hand in her failed marriage. Well a few hours ago, Mercy Aigbe replied saying Toyin was using her for a publicity stunt. A few days later, Toyin Aimakhu revealed that she had settled her beef with Mercy and that they were both moving on.

4. Dayo Amusa and Fathia Balogun

Fans and admirers of these two women still can’t fathom how their relationship degenerated to the point where they began to call each other out on social media. The drama all started when Fathia Balogun took to her Instagram on Wednesday, June 27, 2018, where she posted a photo which talked about friends who backstab and laugh at each other.

Well, apparently this didn’t go down well with her colleague, Dayo Amusa who called her out immediately in the comment section. Unlike some of the celebrities who have squashed their beef on this list, these two beautiful women are yet settled their rift.

5. Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye

While some people might have moved on, some people are yet to believe that Peter and Paul of the famous group, Psquare are no longer together. We can all recall how these guys got into a messy fight in 2017 which took the spotlight away from their career. From posting videos where they were both seen almost getting physical to social media calling out, it was indeed the year for the Okoye brothers fight.

One social media squabble we still can’t forget was when the famous video went viral and Paul Okoye took to his Twitter page to call out his twin brother over the release of the clip.

6. Timaya and Eedris Abdulkareem

The fight between Timaya and Eedris Abdulkareem didn’t start on social media as the later had granted an interview on Goldmyne TV back in 2017 where he called out the former. Timaya apparently infuriated by Eedris’ comments took to his Instagram page where he took him to the cleaners.

In the video, Timaya accused Eedris Abdulkareem of not recognizing him when he was his backup, artist. He talked about how he used his own money to pay for his transportation to perform with him back in the days. At  the end of the video called him a “dirty Igbo smoker.”

7. MI and N6

This was one social media fight which was really direct as none of the players involved was in the mood for any subliminal comments. MI came for N6 on Twitter leaving no stone unturned. N6 on the other hand really gave MI a taste of the bitter medicine. Their feud which started after MI called out rappers on one of his tracks saw N6 standing on the frontline.

Their Twitter rants degenerated to the point where N6 even called MI and homosexual! Well, it doesn’t look like these guys have settled their rift even though they’ve both stayed silent about their feud since then.

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