BURSTED! Check out Don Jazzy’s chat with a female fan

Supreme Mavin Dynasty boss, Don Jazzy just shared a very hilarious conversation he had with a female fan who begged him for money. Inspired by the recent ‘strange snake’ that swallowed 36million naira at JAMB office, Don Jazzy simply told the fan that ‘I’m sorry no money ma, a strange snake has swallowed it’.

See their chat below:

What do you know about the biography of this prominent celebrity? What is Don Jazzy’s age? How has he become famous? What shaped him into a person we know today? Read on to find out!

Don Jazzy’s age and where is he from

Michael Collins Ajereh is a well-known Nigerian artist whom you can often see on billboards and smaller ads which announce that he is performing in one of the fancy clubs. We know him as Don Jazzy which is his stage name he selected as the most suitable one. Now before we tell you his success story, here is an answer to your “How old is Don Jazzy?” He is thirty-five. Surprising, isn’t it? The biography of Dona Jazzy mentions that he was born in Lagos state. His family lived in Ajegunle where he spent the early years of his life.

His parents sent him to a great school where he received education along with his love of music. Thanks to his parents who supported him in his decisions, he decided to start playing the bass guitar when he was a teenager. His love to music got deeper, and his intentions became even more serious. Later he also learnt how to play the drums as well as other percussion instruments. However, after he finished school, he decided to try studying business, as he was always interested in how one can run a business as well as how all the processes on different markets happen.

First career steps

He graduated from Ambrose Alli University and started working. Later on, in 2000, his family invited him to stay over with them in Greta Britain where he first played drums at church. He felt honoured and enjoyed every single bit of it. Thus, a new era in Don Jazzy’s biography began. He tried working at local McDonald’s as well as a guard at some local stores in Great Britain where his uncle lived. However, he felt really strongly about being involved with music. So, he met Emeka Infinity to learn from the experience of prominent personalities in the music industry. At that time, the latter was collaborating with O-Town record company.

Mo’ Hits records

Inspired by good examples, the man started planning on opening his own record label. Thanks to his business management education along with experience in watching professionals perform their business, in 2004 together with D’Banj he began their own record label. They called their company Mo’ Hits records. Given easy access to records as well as close connections with perfect performers, he created two of his albums on this stage of his career. He called them No Long Thing and Rundown/Funk You Up.

The first album consisted of twelve tracks, the second album had seventeen tracks including “Run Down,” “Do you Like the Koko,” “Iya Mi,” “Serve the Lord,” and “Tongolo.” During this time, he has also started working on his third album called “Curriculum Vitae.” During the next couple of years, he collaborated with D’Banj, as well as many other talented Nigerians. Besides, he got to help Wande Coal who was working on his latest album at that time. Thanks to the support of Don Jazzy, the celebrity in question became known as the author of the best album which was ever written in Nigeria. Later, he was also involved in producing tracks for Kween, D’Banj, D’Prince, as well as Jay-Z. Don Jazzy also helped with the back vocals for songs by Kanye West with Beyonce. Seven years after starting his work at Mo’ Hits, he also became a producer for Kanye West and assisted him with his concert in the capital of Great Britain where he became a real success. However, in 2012 he parted ways with D’Banij for they were too different to collaborate.

Mavin records

Despite the fact they stopped collaboration with D’Banj, he did not end his career in music industry. Thus, in 2012 he announced that he founds a new record company called “Mavin Records.” It became a real success especially given their level of preparation: the next day after officially starting his business they released an album in which all the artists, who were later recorded, took part. For many ambitious reasons though the company truly was a success, some artists left it given differences in their artistic tastes as well as different characters which they found hard to tolerate.

Today, Don Jazzy despite his age is walking along with the young and talented men and women of Nigeria. He is experienced, talented has the passion for music and business. So, we are sure that we’ll soon here about his new accomplishments. All in all, follow him on his social media profiles and learn more about the musical path of Don Jazzy. He is quite a character and a man we can all learn from!

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