American rapper makes his return with Nigerian traditional attire ‘Isiagu’

Nigerian-American rapper Olubowale Victor Akintimehin, aka Wale, who is set to drop a new music video, shared this new photo of himself rocking Isiagu alongside a lady who is also dressed as a queen in this African- themed photoshoot. Wale have been off social media for a while after he deleted all his pictures and posts on Instagram and Twitter in 2017.


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Wale deletes his Instagram account and all his tweets

What’s going on with Wale? You may or may not have noticed, but the rapper deleted his Instagram account and all of his tweets.

But, that’s not even half of it. Wale’s new Twitter avatar is now a photo of a pitch black background. All of this happened very suddenly. These actions are so odd that many of the D.C. rapper’s fans are wondering if he’s OK.

This move comes after Wale posted a cryptic tweet about an unnamed rapper. He’s known for always tweeting his true feelings about people and different circumstances. So, many didn’t see the big deal with this particular tweet until all the MC’s tweets vanished not too long afterward.

“Some of these politici…..I mean rappers have some amazing PR…good two shoes all American boy holier than thou swag,” the message read. Many believed that he was speaking about Chance The Rapper, though this wasn’t confirmed.

Read some reactions to Wale’s sudden departure from social media below.

Wale Teases Something New Dropping Next Week

Wale has something for us on “7/31.” It looks like Wale has something up his sleeve for fans come next week. On Wednesday, the MMG rapper wiped his Instagram page, giving fans hope that a new project could be possibly be on the way. The strategy of removing your IG pics is something several artists tend to do before they announce or release a new body of work, and Wale did just that.

In addition to that, the DMV rapper also shared one post today, dressed in some African attire next to his queen and leaving the caption “7/31.” Unfortunately he didn’t clarify what it is that would be dropping next week, but the 31st is a Tuesday and albums typically drop on Friday so Im guessing it’s not that. The woman next to Wale in the picture is actress/director Ashley Blaine Featherson, who also tweeted out the 7/31 release date & photo on her social media accounts today as well.

Some fans believe it could be a still frame from an upcoming music video or possibly an album trailer, but it’s all speculation at this time as we’ll have to wait and find out.

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