Power: Here’s how Twitter reacted to season 5 episode 4

In this week’s episode, Tasha reaches her breaking point with Ghost and Kanan ‘saves’ Tommy from a drive-by shooting orchestrated by him. Episode four of “Power” season five – Second Chances – aired on Sunday, and here’s how Twitter reacted. In the fourth episode, Ghost isn’t pleased about the sudden release of Tommy’s father, Teresi. When he asks Kanan to give him a minute to discuss with Tommy, Kanan is pissed and asks what happened to working together before walking out to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Ghost wants to know what Teresi knows, but Tommy insists that he knows nothing about their business. He also assures Ghost that his father won’t snitch on him, because, ‘family.’ A skeptical Ghost reminds him that the same father blackmailed him twice during his stay in prison. He also reminds him that while Teresi has only been his dad for ’15 minutes,’ he has been family to him his whole life.

Once Tommy leaves, Ghost and Kanan plan how to get Teresi out of the way without Tommy’s knowledge. Ghost’s plan involves making Tommy appear dangerous to his new family, who will in turn, cut ties with him. That way, no one gets hurt.

Kanan agrees, but of course, he has a different plan in mind.

Tashafinally reaches her breaking point with Ghost and decides to leave their home with their last child, Yazzy. She made the decision after two different arguments with Ghost in this episode. The first happened after Ghost walked in to the room to see her knocked out by some prescription pills she took. He wakes her to join him for a fundraiser event for a project in honour of their late daughter, but she refuses to go with him.

Ghost is angry and calls her selfish while he walks away.

The second argument happens after Ghost returns from the event. He is disturbed about freezing during his speech at the event because he thought he saw Raine in the crowd. Tasha tries to console him, reminding him that it’s just a speech. but Ghost snaps, blaming her for the incident, which he thinks wouldn’t have happened if she had gone with him.

In his move to become the most import drug lord in New York City, Kanan tries to get back into the good books of Ghost and Tommy by saving the latter from a drive-by shooting, which by the way, was orchestrated by him in the first place.

It also turns out that Tate, Ghost’s business partner, isn’t playing clean. After Ghost’s incident at the fundraiser, Tate decides to have Drereplace Ghost as the face of the project meant to honor Raina.

Finally, Ghost and Angela, your ‘favourite TV couple,’ finally reunites in this episode.

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