How movie scene left a Nollywood actor hospitalised for days

Nollywood actress, Mosun Adeleye, has underscored the rigours involved in film production when she revealed that she was hospitalised for five days after shooting a movie scene. In an interview she described how repeating a crime scene during the production triggered an illness that incapacitated her for days.

She said, “There was a day I wasn’t feeling fine and we are shooting a crime story. It triggered my illness because it was so stressful that and we had to repeat some scenes more than six times. You could imagine someone that is not feeling fine and managed to complete that job.

Since then I made a promise to myself that I will never partake in any crime story because, after the production, I was on admission for five days.” Adeleye, who is currently producing a movie titled Onise, noted that the movie was based on a true-life story about family planning.

Onise is a true life story. It is about educating teenagers and married women about family planning because nowadays some young women make use of family planning pills to prevent pregnancy. This is a movie that got the approval of the Ogun State Ministry of Health,” she said, adding that she also secured the support of  an elder brother of the Governor of Ogun State, Alhaji Adiboye Amosun.

The actress who studied accounting revealed that sex is not food for him. “I switched to acting because my former job wasn’t fetching me enough money. Then, I was working as an accounting officer  with the Ministry of Finance in Ogun State. At that time it was the former governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, that was in power. I found out that I only went to work three days out of the five working days because I had to be on location. When I noticed my job wasn’t allowing me to focus on my acting I decided to quit. It was an easy decision because I was making more money from acting than what the government job was paying me. ”

“I knew my husband for more than twelve years before we got married. It was a decision he allowed me to make on my own and he has never discouraged me, instead he has been of immense help. He is my number one fan. Though when I had my son I had to suspend acting for two years to take time out to care for him. But I am fully back now.”

“Sex is not food to me, but I can say it’s an exercise because in the process you’ll need to do some styles and exercise so as to satisfy your man to the fullest, to prevent him from looking elsewhere for such satisfaction. Since we are all matured I don’t see any reason we should shy away from the topic. We can even educate each other and extend it to the teenagers, so that they’ll have the right notion about sex. Take for instance, my soon to be released film is going to educate people on healthy sex in marriage and child spacing.”

“Well, I’m satisfied when I ‘come’, anything after that is just a waste of energy. This is because the tension with which you started with will drop the moment the man or woman ‘comes’.  (Laughs) Anywhere will do for me, as long as we are alone and there will be no  distraction. Our honeymoon was fun, we did a lot of crazy things together and we really enjoyed it.  (Smiles) I prefer very early in the morning; between midnight and daybreak, so that I can relax afterward, shower when I wake up and then start another one.”

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