Nazanin Alakija On The Threat Of Climate Change On Humanity

In 2007, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described the conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region as the world’s first climate change conflict. The assumption was that water scarcity from changed rainfall patterns resulting from climate change contributed to this conflict. His thinking reflects findings to date that the incidence of conflict is likely to be higher in years of lower precipitation.

This month, climate change advocate Nazanin Alakija has published her oped titled “Global Conflict is losing focus on Humanity’s biggest threat, climate change.” The article which featured in the prestigious Forbes Africa magazine examines the potential impact of how the fight to get a handle on global conflict is shifting the focus from climate changes impending threat on humanity.

Nazanin Alakija, is a fierce advocate for climate change and a UNICEF ambassador who over the years has championed the need for greater awareness for climate change within both the private and public sector.

At a time when the risk of inaction is growing, fueled by the influence of climate sceptics with increasingly audacious tactics, Nazanin’s article brings into the fore the still hotly debated issue of climate change and its role in fuelling global conflict.

Nazanin Alakija recently launched the Social Accelerator for a Green Economy (SAGE) Innovation Centre, an initiative that empowers entrepreneurs to build and scale bold solutions to fight climate change. The center focuses on five key economic sectors: energy efficiency and renewable energy; solar power; climate-smart agriculture; domestic waste management; water management and purification.

In addition to her advocacy work, Nazanin Alakija has also invested in the development of solar paneled boreholes through WASH and UNICEF in different parts of North East Nigeria.

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