5 Ways To Stop Rape In Nigeria Including Introducing The Death Penalty

The issues of rape and sexual abuse has been prevalent in the country for a while but over the last few days they have come to the forefront of conversations due to the sad and horrific death of Uwa Omozuwa who was raped and murdered in a church.

This is not the first time a rape story has gripped the nation and if something is not done drastically, it won’t be the last for a long time.

Here are five ways to stop rape in Nigeria before it is too late.


  • Death Penalty – Not only is rape prevalent in Nigerian culture, the sexual abuse of minors is also very rampant. Hardly a week goes by without a story of minor being sexually abused making it to the Metro & Crime section of many news sites in the country. To stop this ugly trend and also raping of women, the death penalty should be introduced to individuals found guilty of rape in a court of law. This harsh punishment would deter serial rapist and make other sexual offenders think twice before molesting a woman or a minor.


  • Education On Consent – The concept of consent is not yet widespread in Nigeria. Many people believe that a lady has no right to consent to sex before sexual intercourse. This is wrong. To get rid of this mindset, a nationwide program has to be launched where both men and women are taught the importance of consent. In simple terms, if consent is not given by the female party, then it is rape. Educating people on this simple idea, will help reduce and stop rape culture in Nigeria.


  • Support & Believe Survivors Of Sexual Assault – We live in a society where doubt is placed on the victim and not the assailant. A lot of girls and women are scared to come out and talk about their experiences because they know they will attacked and judged by society. Instead of people to drag the accused, the victim is shamed into silence. If we want to get rid of rape, it is important to believe and support victims whenever they decide to talk.


  • Raise Boys Properly – There has to be a big re-orientation when raising the male child. Parents have to make their sons respect women and know that is a crime to sexually harass and assault a woman. Mothers and fathers have to teach their sons that sex without consent is rape and they have no rights to a woman’s body. Teaching young boys and men this will help create a positive shift in rape culture.


  • Stand Up Against Rape Culture – Too many people are standing on the sidelines concerning rape culture. Nigerians have to rise up and fight the monsters among us who rape girls, young women and women. We cannot afford to stay silent. Constant protests will help drown the noise of men who subscribe to raping women and girls.

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