Abike Dabiri Reveals The State With The Highest Number Of Drug Traffickers On Death Row In Indonesia

The Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM), Abike Dabiri-Erewa, has revealed that 20 out of the 21 Nigerian drug peddlers who were on death row in Indonesia were from Anambra State. She said she discovered this when she went to the Indonesian prison some years ago. The remaining one hailed from Edo State.

The NIDCOM Chairman made this known in a recent interview she had with THE CABLE. She pointed out that the commission was putting work in place to create awareness against the dangers of drug trafficking, to particularly remind them that death awaits them in some countries if they should ever venture into dug trafficking.

When she was asked on whether NIDCOM provides counselling to Nigerians who were placed under arrest due to drug trafficking offences just as some countries do, Dabiri-Erewa had this to say:

The commission is planning that. So, with the commission on board, we are going to take it embassy by embassy. For example, if you are going to Indonesia and you carry drugs, you are dying. There is no debate. We went to Indonesia prison some years back, 21 Nigerians were on death row, and 20 were from one state – 20 were from Anambra state, and one from Edo. And when you get to the (Indonesian) airport, it is written all over, “penalty for drugs is death”.

So, from the point of leaving, we are going to be working with the NDLEA, with the embassies; as you collect your passport, they will tell you if you carry drugs, you are going to die. So, that is what the commission will be doing from country to country.

In India, for instance, if you say you are going to study, and you are going as a student. If you finish your education and you stay there, they will lock you up. India will not give you work. They will not employ you.

So, we are going to have an information centre that will be dealing with all those issues. We are going to have a place that you can call if you are in distress. That is almost at the final stage, so yes, it is important to share information. But I tell you, despite sharing this information, some will still do (what they want). But at least, let us know that we have given out all this information”.

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