”They are taking us for granted.. I will stop recharging my MTN line” Nigerians React Bitterly To Killings In South Africa

Strong, fierce and bitter. Those are the words that best describes the sum total of reactions of Nigerians on the reported killing of a Nigerian in South Africa shortly after the Super Eagles vs Bafana Bafana stars of South Africa match at the ongoing AFCON tournament.

We had earlier reported that a man simply identified as Emeka was killed in Motherwell area of South Africa but calls made to the South African Police Authorities met with a counter claim as the authorities debunked the incidence, saying such never happened.

Below are comments from Nigerians as monitored by Opera News:

”One day South Africa will hear from us , their shopprite and many may burn to ashes” – UdochukwuNwankwo

we don’t have government now, they have killed 127 Nigerians in S.A, and Nigeria government has done nothing but to count numbers, what a pity, Libya did same, Ghana and Co, what has happened, nothing. will one isrealee your country is in trouble. kill one American, you’ll wish you never did. why won’t they be killing us outside Nigeria when they know our government care less than to count numbers, and tell useless stories.


It is useless stories and fighting for elective post to garner the common wealth meant for the development of the country to benefit the common man for their selfish earned. God is watching

they will remain slaves forever! Mandela died for nothing, we helped libreat them for nothing! one day we will have a true leader as president that will bring them to book by shouting down all their operations in Nigeria

the Nigeria citizens has become vulnerable to any country to deal with including common Ghana, it not their fault I blame our incompetent and nonchalant attitude govt to Nigeria citizens ,Wat they pay more attention to is how to give lands to cows… is a pity.

South Africa is taking Nigeria for granted and our government has kept mute for too long. I will henceforth stop recharging my MTN line as my own little way of retaliation.🙄🙄🙄

Thank you nigeria for knocking out our evil neighbours out of AFCON, i pray that you will go on to win the cup. lots of love from Zimbabwe


I am saddened, that is what you get when a President prefers protection of Cows to protection of his people, when a President goes around tagging his Citizens “common criminals” , when a President orders his security agencies to shoot his citizens at sight “. Whatever one calls his dog, that is what outsiders will call it. Nevertheless, one day my country will arise and will look at the faces of those who have held her bound and say to them, you are cursed Forever. Then all their sins will begin to find them out. As for those Librated Slaves (South Africans) who are paying good with evil, Nigeria deed all within her powers to see to you emancipation and you are paying her back by kill her citizens not even when no stone has been thrown at your people her in Nigeria, you will definitely pay a bitter price for your actions.

Hmmmmm, i don’t blame them, one day will be one day, all this will end, monkey go go market he no go return. one Nigeria


me too, they are our neighbours and here in Zimbabwe we sharr the same culture with them but i hate these dogs. they kill fellow africans, africa should unite against its enemy i.e south africa

Am surprised the Nigerian government is still talking sheet about the killings of her citizens. Its a pity ! Break ties with South African government now. The Nigerian government doesn’t value her citizens, that’s why the South government continues to kill Nigerians in their Country. To me the South Africans are hostile, barbarians and very unhuman in their natural existence. Enough of this nonsense now. Let’s close business against them and tell all Nigerians to get ready to leave South Africa now. We can not continue to live with arrant animals. All Nigerians in South Africa should take a bold decision to move out of South Africa and relocate elsewhere. South Africa is not a paradise for you to stay, it’s a hell of a place to remain. Act fast, your family , friends and Nigerians do not want you dead in the hands of animalistic people of South Africa and her government.

If Nigeria economy is good, why will we go to South Africa to seek for job? Their currency have value than ours, there is more conducive athmosphere for business. Why will we not go and who wish to live home if home is good? The woman wouldn’t have been killed if they have not seen us as hindrance for their employment, because we are willing to work more. Making labour become cheap . The solution is – build Nigerian economy

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