Man Cuts Off Hand Of Little Boy For Fishing In His Backyard Swamp (Video At Viewer’s Discretion)

In Mebamu, Ojo Local Government area of Lagos State, all hell was let loose after a man, who has not been identified, carried out a most gruesome act on a little boy in his residential area, as he chopped off the boy’s right hand.

The man was said to have been annoyed at the young boy for coming to fish at the back of his house, and in a moment of cruelty, accosted the lad and cut off his right hand.

The neighbour didn’t stop at cutting off the hand of the boy as he also threw the hand which was chopped off into the swamp behind his house where the boy had gone fishing.

The boy who is not identified as well can be seen in the video which captured the ensuing event, wailing and looking dazed, with a piece of cloth being used to wrap his hands.

Onlookers were also wailing as they questioned the young boy on who could have inflicted such an act on him.

The most shocking part of the video is when the chopped off hand was found in the swamp, where the man had thrown it away after committing the gruesome act.

The man who found it could be found screaming and wailing, as he announced that he had seen the chopped hand.

At the end of the very disturbing video, the man who had carried out the act, was being made to confess his act.

Watch the video below:

Several comments which have trailed the act have strongly condemned the act of the elderly man. See some reactions below.

@amaka-paloma said:

The heart of man is truly wicked. That man needs to be jailed for life. May God protect us ijn . That boy is truly a strong boy. I pray d government intervenes and give him good medical treatment and also additional artificial hand. It’s well.

Another Instagram user @jnrpope had this to say:

Federal Government Pls and pls Can we have more strict punishments for crimes like this……..People Need to know the consequences of their actions before carrying them out…….A life for A Life, A Hand For A Hand And prison as jara.

Still, @ronkeofficial_ said:

They are supposed to cut the man’s hand too immediately before the police get there.

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Video Credit: Instablog

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