Lagos Is Dirty? Another Car Owner Punished For Dumping Refuse In The Wrong Place

In Nigeria, there is a mega city called Lagos. It used to be one of the cleanest cities in the country so much that you hardly saw heaps of garbage, anywhere within the metropolis because there was in place an effective and efficient waste-disposal system. It was such that if a food item mistakenly fell from your hand to the ground, you could bend and pick it and throw it into your mouth without any fear of contamination.

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However, there are some residents who are prepared to swear to an oath that Lagos has become the City of Refuse and that every garbage seems to find refuge in the city.

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A particular man identified as  Ezeaka Chidozie on Twitter shared a particular tweet that has got many people talking. His post was centered on an individual who was punished by officials after he was caught dumping refuse on the road.

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The man in question was reportedly asked to clear all the refuse by the roadside and load them into his car. Photos of the man serving his punishment were shared by Chidozie. He was made to keep the refuse within his premises & sought for the assistance of assigned waste operator to remove the refuse and register the premises for patronage. This post has gone viral and attracted the attention of quite a number of Nigerians. Some defended the man’s action while others felt the punishment served him right.







Likewise, recall that an Average-age lady was made to part take in a part-time LAWMA work after she was caught throwing refuse from her car along Lagos Airport road.It was gathered that the lady was made to pick waste from the roadside and discharge it into a moving car.



Lady Turns LAWMA Worker After Throwing Refuse From Her Car (Video)


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