Crime Or Not? Man Arrested For Being In A Ponzi Scheme Group On Social Media

With the exit of MMM, a Ponzi scheme, comes another which has now been embraced by some Nigerians. This ‘investment’ promises you an initial N16,000 once you give out N2,000. While some have been cashing out, a sad twist developed today when a police officer arrested a man for “being in a Loom group on Whatsapp.”

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Oduneye Olalekan took to Twitter on Tuesday to cry for help on the release of his brother who was rather a victim of this ‘investment’ Olalekan narrated the incident in a series of tweets saying: “My brother was arrested by one of your officers on his way to school at Eruwa command Police. His offence is for being in a loom group on Whatsapp. The officer told me that what license does my brother have to open a Whatsapp group? I have been calling my brother for 4 hours now. @segalink has been calling my brother for 4 hours now. My brother is not picking up!!! The last time I spoke with him, he was still at the station. Nothing must happen to my brother!!! His number has been switched off now! I’m on my way to Eruwa from Ibadan to try and locate the station. It’s a 3 hours journey. Please me tag whomever you can tag!!!”

A few hours later, Olalekan disclosed that he had been released with the help of the Convener of the EndSARS movement, Segun Awosanya. He tweeted: “My brother has been released!!! @segalink gave me a number from the IG office. Apparently, @segalinkalready filled the person in on the situation, because when I got to Eruwa Area Command and I called the person, he just told me to give the phone to the ASP.

“Then the ASP kept saying “yes sir” and he said he doesn’t know about the case, but he will work on it. ASP that had been sitting there the whole time! ASP gave my brother his phone, slippers and I.D card and started joking with me. He kept asking me where I got a connection, and he took my number. I want to say A big THANK YOU to everyone that retweeted and liked, and most especially, @segalink. You are Godsent, Sir. May God continue to bless and protect you. I can’t thank you enough. Please, have @segalink number on your speed dial, please.”

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