BBNAIJA 2019: Housemates receive good news from Biggie, See what he did

It can be recalled that the housemates for Big Brother season 4 have not been very impressive with their performance which is the major reason why they lost their first wager in the house.

Fortunately for them, their hard work has finally paid off as they have won their wager for the first time. According to Biggie, he decided to reward the housemates not because they performed excellently but because for the first time, the housemates were seen together rehearsing for their tasks without fighting and for reaching a mutual agreement without any conflict.

Biggie applauded the housemates efforts but encouraged them to do better. He also advised some of the housemates never to consider going into music because it is obviously not their calling.

The housemate’s determination to impress Biggie with their performance so they can win the wager was achieved by them with their interesting and united performance.

Did you enjoy their presentation? Can you rate their performance?

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