BBNAIJA 2019: Why Tacha did not nominate the person that called her a witch for eviction

It is the third week and second live nomination show in Big Brother’s house. and during nomination , Tacha who is the most controversial housemate surprised the viewers by not nominating Jackye for possible eviction.

It can be recalled that Jackye was caught on camera gossiping with Khafi about Tacha.  Jackye was heard calling Tacha a witch and laughing about it. During Live Eviction show with Ebuka, he demanded to know who she was referring  to as a witch during her conversation with Khafi.

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Jackye did not bother to deny that she was referring to Tacha because she suspected that her bracelet could be fetish because it had demonic symbols on it. Many thought Tacha take it out on Jackye because of the report she heard.

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It was an amazing moment for the viewers when Tacha  did not nominate Jackye during Live nomination at all. Instead, she nominated Frodd and Gedoni. Many has therefore questioned why she did not nominate Jackye for possible eviction.

Well, Tacha is wise enough to show that she is very nice and would not judge based on what someone says about her. Her strategy to gain more fans with this act  has worked because Nigerians now have a reason to like her and vote for her.

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Do you think Tacha is playing a good game?

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