BBNAIJA: Thelma’s Diary Session Is So Hilarious! Could She Be Another Uriel?

The Big Brother Naija reality TV show currently airing is getting more interesting. From the tasks, challenges, budding romances, alliances being cooked up, the ardent fans of the show are beginning to see the fun side of the housemates. They got to mimic Big Brother in a new task given to them and most of them did great.

The Diary Session is an integral part of the reality TV show where housemates converse with Big Brother on their tasks, events, activities, or observations while in the Big Brother House. Big Brother is the mystery personality, whose face or identity is unknown but his voice has remained synonymous with every edition of the show is usually the one who hosts his ‘Diary Session.’ He is known for antics, surprises, unbelievable tasks and listening to the plights and issues of the housemates during their Diary Sessions.

The housemates were given a task where they were made to pair up with someone. The duo would then decide on who would be the fake Big Brother while the other would be the ‘housemate’. They would each get 5 minutes in the Diary Room to do their tasks after which they would stop once the bell rang.

Some of the pairings were Tacha as Big Brother and Ike as housemate; Mike as Big Brother and Avala as housemate; Omashola as Big Brother and Thelma as housemate. Team Mike did an amazing job with social media users hailing him for being a great mimic.

Team Tacha also did an amazing job per social media consensus with Ike opening up about his tattoos and relationships in the house.

There were many moments during the mock Diary Sessions that caught people’s attention but the award for the talkative went to Thelma. She was obviously trying too hard to sound foreign, feeling the pressures of the game but she ended up sounding really weird and had different accents with each question.

Some social media users are comparing Thelma to an ex-BBNaija housemate, Uriel from the angle of their talkativeness. Fans o who have followed the show for years know Uriel was the Queen of diary session during her time. In fact, her diary sessions with Big Brother during her stay in the house was one of the things fans used to look forward to.

As the days go by, the game keeps intensifying but the main question still stands, “Is Thelma the new Uriel?

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