BBNAIJA: After Epic First Fight, Thelma Proves To Nigerians That She Still Has Moves (Video)

As the BBNaija 2019 show entered the third day, Nigerians were becoming bored with the no-drama and quiet that had encapsulated the house and they began to clamour for more action after the first fight which happened on day 2 between audience favourite, Tacha and Thelma. Well, the housemates have given Nigerians a piece of the sought after action and they can’t keep still!

As the 21 participants continue to battle for prizes worth 60 million naira, they’ve started becoming more open and confident, relating with themselves and sharing their personal details to the amusement of their fans. On Day 3, the show got more interesting when music started blaring from speakers in the house and the housemates showed us the stuff they really are made of.

Recall Thelma, who had a disagreement with Tacha had gotten on the wrong side of some social media users who were not pleased with the fact that she picked up an unnecessary tiff with the latter over fish. So, the gist became very interesting as people began to speculate that Tacha who seems to have gotten a lot of popularity given her profile on social media appears to be a threat to Thelma who subtly expressed her dislike for the already famous housemate. Call that drama!

Insultive words including ‘dumb’ and ‘fool’ were thrown across the room between the two ladies who seemed to be completely irritated by the actions of each other. Other housemates tried to prevent the ladies from getting physical which could have led to a dismissal from the show.

Well, she had an opportunity to redeem herself in the eyes of Nigerians as she gave them some slick dance moves that brought some excitement to the ‘boring’ house.

She wasn’t the only one who showcased dance moves. Omashola, Diane, Tacha, Isilomo and Ella also did the Zanku, Gbe Body E and twerk dance styles to the amusement of their adulating fans.



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