BBNAIJA: How Cee-C’s Marriage Would Leave Many Nigerians In Shock

King Cee-C, the girl with the big hair, lashes and of course, the ever present attitude. Cynthia Nwadiora is one BBNaija reality star who knows how to get fans talking. She has been regarded as the most controversial housemate of the BBNaija 2018 house and she truly lived up to that name as she was the main ‘double wahala’ of the show’. What would you do if you hear Cee-C gets married?

From the beginning of the 2018 show, it was Cee-C who held down the fort with her mind-bending theatrics, using Tobi as her ‘guinea pig’. The impact? Fans waged wars over the lawyer, the feminist movement took simultaneous hits and praises, packing new followers on the way and of course, BBNaija viewers stayed hooked to the show. Consequently, BBNaija Double Wahala 2018 easily slipped the rope of being tagged boring because of Cynthia Nwadiora’s presence. The young lady was evidence that drama happens organically and requires no organization or tending

Viewers of Big Brother Naija across Africa were thrown into a fix when Big Brother issued a ‘two-strike’ warning to Lolu and Cee-C. The two housemates broke Biggie’s rules when Cee-C forced her chain which was attached to Lolu and left him injured while she interacted with other housemates. Biggie then issued a two-strike warning to both housemates and paired them together till one of them is up for eviction, while any other misdemeanor from either of them during their stay in the house would lead to automatic disqualification.

What about the Ebuka-Cee-C speculation that ran on for quite a while until it was shut down by the BBNaija host? At first, the internet claimed Cee-C was Ebuka’s sister-in-law. Later on, ‘gist’ came out that Ebuka had dated Cee-C for for some time, that was the reason she got a spot in the house and ‘acted like the Almighty’. Apparently, Cee-C had given rumour mongers a thread to spin a tale with because before this time she had already revealed to the housemates that she knows Ebuka. Ebuka had to quell the controversy with this reply: “Yes! Toni is my blood brother. Also, don’t forget that Cee-C is my sister in-law too. And Leo is my father. Anything else?”

At a point, social media users were out for Cee-C as they shared their doubts on her supposed law degree. Cee-C had many times revealed she’s a practicing lawyer and even flaunted her knowledge of the law recently when she threatened to sue Nina for farting on her body. A Nigerian lady claimed she failed law school twice while another doubted the authenticity of her proclaimed law degree. It all started when Cee-C made a point in the house about having the right to sue Nina for provocation, claiming that the housemate who farted on her was eligible to be taken to court and sued for her actions. Her comment drove a social media user to question the authenticity of her degree, stating that her claims are baseless.

The social media user named Cynthiapappy said: “I’m dazed and I don’t believe Cee-C actually passed through law school. Are you sure you Cee-C really passed through law school? You wanna sue because someone farted on your body and you said you want to sue based on provocation, without considering the facts and intentions? That’s dumb and you are embarrassing we lawyers. Madam provocation can only serve as a partial defense for a criminal offence. You are such a disgrace to Nigerian Lawyers, you need to go back to school to study law all over again.”

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Another social media user then responded, claiming that Cee-C actually failed Law School twice as she was in the same set with her sister.

Cee-C who was considered to be one of the strongest contenders in the double Wahala BBNaija show went on to reveal how she inadvertently caused the death of her best friend while in school. In a video clip which was captured by one of the cameras in the Big Brother house, Cee-C was spotted having a conversation with fellow housemate, Khloe, where she narrated the incident. Explaining that it happened far back in school, Cee-C mentioned that she was best friends with a boy who was the only child of his parents, up until the time another girl snatched his love from her as they both started a romantic relationship. The girl in question, sensing rivalry convinced the male student to stop talking to her amongst all other things she told him. Feeling slighted, she inwardly and silently wished their relationship would come to an end. Rather shockingly, the boy died soon after. Cee-C added that his father died barely two moths after the demise of his only son as he couldn’t take it. Khloe who listened with rapt attention sighed, while Cee-C added; ‘i’m serious o no jokes’. Watch Cee-C speak on the incident below:


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BBNaija: CeeC reveals how she caused her best friend’s death in school

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At a point,  Cee-C was involved in a heated argument with another housemate, Nina. Surprisingly, this argument was over food! The mini-drama started when Nina ate from Cee-c’s share of their breakfast without her permission. Having realised that Cee-C was angry, Nina quickly apologized. Nina’s apologies were not welcomed by Cee-C as she flared up raining abuses on her and went as far as calling Nina a ‘dustbin’ and ‘a piece of shit’. At this point, Nina who could no longer contain the insults talked back and challenged Cee-C that with someone like her, she knows she is not ‘a piece of sh*t’.

Earlier on, Miracle, Nina, Alex and Tobi had a conversation and revealed how she is known to sleep and fight in her dreams. Nina confirmed this saying she does it every night. She further stated that she needs spiritual deliverance. According to Lolu, Cee-C talks as if she’s having a conversation with someone and even fights in her sleep. Miracle, on the other hand, said she needed to stop eating and drinking late. On this, Cee-C said “Its because of the issues i’m having. It’s something that happens subconsciously. A continuation of whatever happens during the day or week. My mum actually took me to church for prayers in the past. So I was told to stop playing too much. It’s not spiritual. I am mentally,physically,emotionally stressed. I can understand why i’m always talking in my dream. I’m dealing with a lot”. 

All this drama however ended immediately Cee-C stepped outside the house. She emerged, like a beautiful butterfly, and immediately started making waves. On leaving the house, Cee-C showed that she is truly unstoppable. In fact, at a point, it was rumoured that Cee-C was involved in a relationship with fellow ex-housemate, Leo. She totally moved on from Tobi and Nigerians were surprised! The curvaceous reality star and business woman ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. She recently launched her athletic gear brand, Ceegar on May 19, 2019 and fans were so excited! Of course, there is no stopping an ambitious woman when she’s got her eyes aimed at the top and this can be clearly seen in the cash moves Cee-C, is making. If you are still doubting King Cee-C, drink some water.

In fact, Cee-C was so busy that she wasn’t able to do the polygraph test the housemates had to undergo before returning for the BBNaija reunion show. This was just as well as we are sure more controversies would have erupted. Another accomplishment for Cee-C is her recent feature in a new Nollywood movie titled ‘Another Father’s Day’, which is a family friendly Nollywood movie. The movie is set to be released in cinemas in June 14. Additionally, the BBNaija star scored an endorsement deal with Slim Girl Shape Wear, an American-based company. This brand was has been previously endorsed by hot shots like Black Chyna, Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose, also with Amstel malta, Delta soap, house o llunettes and a whole lot of other brands that she represent.

Cee-C is young, smart, beautiful and full of ambition. She is definitely not stopping anytime soon as we can boldly say she is the most controversial and in turn, the most successful BBNaija housemate of 2018. Nigerians have labeled Cee-C as a trouble maker, a proud and unrepentant lady that would never find a man. This, to us, is just all talk as Cee-C is a shining star that any man would be lucky to have in his life. Infact, none of the men from BbNaija 2018 can stand close to her in terms of her successes, achievements and goals. Cee-C is a goal getter, and young ladies would do well to emulate her. That said, get ready, because we are so sure Cee-C’s upcoming wedding would leave you shocked!

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