Oh My God! See Photos Of A Man Whose Hand Was Blown Off By Fireworks (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

With the festive season, individuals have been warned by authorities not to engage in the use of fireworks or the likes but some individuals it seems never heed instructions.

Call it karma, or negligence or whatever, a man has seriously wounded himself and landed in the hospital due to the use of knockouts popularly known as banger.

He was seriously wounded and has landed in the hospital after he was left seriously injured by fireworks/’knockout’, according to a report.

According to Uwechue Chineye Abigail who hails from Ogwashi Uku, Delta state, it was gathered that the married man with children, had the fingers on his left hand blown off while throwing ‘knockout’ during this festive period.

The injured man was rushed to the hospital where he hand was attended to and sewn by doctors.

Following the incident, Nigerians have been warned to be careful in dealing with fireworks during the Yuletide season.

Here are photos:


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